Mediation For Employment Matters, Personal Injury And Real Estate

Numerous employment, business and personal injury disputes can be resolved without ever stepping into a courtroom. Due to complications and disagreements between parties, however, there are often obstacles to overcome in pursuing a resolution via direct negotiations. Mediation can provide a mutually agreeable result and involves less risk, cost and time than formal litigation does.

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At The Cartwright Law Firm, we have helped countless clients over the course of our firm’s 50-year history by negotiating settlements, finding solutions to employment and personal injury disputes, and providing input on complex legal problems. Today, professional mediator Maurice Fitzgerald, a graduate of the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program and a mediator for a variety of courts in counties throughout the Bay Area, continues our tradition of providing outstanding legal guidance to individuals and entities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact our firm by calling 415-433-0444.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation generally has a number of benefits when compared with litigation:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Mediation is often a much more cost-effective way to resolve a legal problem. By opening the lines of communication between disputing parties, they often find common ground, which allows them to craft a solution that protects both their interests.
  • Efficiency: The process of finding a solution to a complex problem is often faster when parties choose mediation over litigation. Mediation allows disputing parties to explain their views, which generally leads to understanding and compromise. It also allows for flexible scheduling, since participants do not need to wait for a specific court date.
  • Flexibility: Mediation is an option for clients facing a wide range of disputes. Our firm has helped clients in cases involving the Fair Employment and Housing Act, wage and hour claims, independent contractor classification errors, and much more.

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If you would like to explore the benefits of mediation further, you can take advantage of our offer for a free initial consultation at any of our Northern California law offices. Contact professional mediator Maurice Fitzgerald today by calling 415-433-0444 or by emailing our office.