Police looking for driver in hit-and-run car accident

Cartwright - October 24, 2016 - Blog, Car Accidents

A possible-hit-and run accident had deadly consequences for one man and also left several others injured. California police are still investigating the car accident and are in the process of searching for the driver believed to have caused the initial collision. However, it is still not clear what vehicle the driver was using before fleeing the scene.

At shortly past 3:30 in the morning, a 55-year-old man was traveling in the southbound lanes of the 605 Freeway when, for reasons that are unclear, he was struck by another vehicle. Authorities currently believe that vehicle performed a hit-and-run, but that was not the end of the accident. The man who had initially been struck lost control of his vehicle in the collision and veered across the center line of traffic. When his vehicle finally stopped moving, he was in the northbound lanes facing oncoming traffic.

The vehicle was then struck by at least three other vehicles, and the driver ultimately died at some point during the accident. Two other drivers involved in the wreck suffered what were described as major injuries, one of whom required surgery for internal injuries while the other managed to escape with only an abrasion and fractured hip after his vehicle caught fire. A third driver was also taken to the hospital for chest pain.

Victims and their families often feel lost when facing damages related to a hit-and-run car accident. Personal injury and wrongful death suits are traditionally filed against negligent drivers, and many people assume that they have no chance for legal recourse unless California authorities are able to track down drivers who fled accident scenes. In reality, most drivers can make a claim against their own insurance policy in order to recover necessary compensation to address related damages.

Source: pasadenastarnews.com, “Man dead after six-vehicle crash on 605 in Santa Fe Springs“, Stephanie K. Baer, Oct. 11, 2016


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