Motorcycle and bicycle collide killing 1, injuring 2

Cartwright - November 14, 2016 - Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

By any metric, motorcycles are a risky form of transportation. Those who ride them know that it takes great skill and even greater good fortune to avoid serious injury or death. This truth was born out tragically a few days ago when a motorcyclist and a bicyclist collided in North Oakland, killing the cyclist and leaving the motorcyclist in serious condition.

70-year-old man who lost his life collided with the motorcycle carrying two individuals while negotiating an intersection. All three individuals were thrown from their respective vehicles, and no one got away clean. The two individuals riding the motorcycle were wearing helmets, but the cyclist apparently was not. The riders of the motorcycle were treated for injuries and listed as being in stable condition. Police are still investigating the incident to determine how right-of-way violations may have played a part in the accident.

Whether you are a driver of an automobile, a motorcycle or a bicycle, it is vitally important to care for yourself and others by taking proper safety precautions. While it is still unknown if either driver will be designated at-fault in the accident, it is possible that the cyclists injuries may not have turned fatal had he been wearing a helmet.

Unfortunately, serious injury and death can occur whenever there are moving vehicles involved, even for those who take all the reasonable safety precautions. If you have been injured, or if someone you know has been wrongfully killed in a motor vehicle accident, you deserve to be compensated fairly for these losses. With the assistance of an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney, you can confidently explore your options for recovery with the assurance that your rights will remain protected.

Source: The East Bay Times, “Oakland: Bicyclist dies after collision with motorcycle,” Harry Harris, Nov. 03, 2016


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