How can elder abuse be defined?

Cartwright - October 12, 2018 - Elder Abuse
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Elder abuse can be defined as any inappropriate practice, action, or behavior that results in harm to an individual over the age of sixty-five. Anyone can be a perpetrator of elder abuse and malicious intent is not required for one to be at fault. Kind-hearted, though heedless, caregivers can easily commit elder abuse through negligence. In this article, we will examine what elder abuse is and what can be done to stop it.

With the advent of modern medicine and technological development, on average more people are living longer. As a consequence, the elderly population is growing faster than it ever has. When people get older, we often come to require help to perform basic activities. Our faculties tend to diminish and our bodies grow increasingly frailer. Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of the elderly, harming them physically, emotionally, and financially. This can have serious and, potentially deadly consequences for those who have been victimized. There are measures in place meant to protect the elderly and offer them recourse, should they be victimized. However, there is evidence indicating that the vast majority of crimes of this nature go unreported and that the resources dedicated to remedying this issue have been insufficient.

It is important to be vigilant in order to ensure that instances of elder abuse are properly addressed. This requires friends, family members, and guardians to keep an eye out for signs of abuse. First, you should listen to them and take what they have to say seriously. If they tell you that something untoward has happened, have them file a report or file one on their behalf. The more obvious signifiers can include contusions, bedsores, and other wounds. Behavioral and emotional signs can also help determine whether or not abuse is taking place. If they are fearful, stressed, crying, nervous, or noticeably tense up or fall silent around certain individuals, they may be the victims of elder abuse. Finally, it can be useful to look at their finances. This can help you determine if money is being misappropriated. If you find evidence of elder abuse, you should contact The Cartwright Law Firm. Robert E Cartwright and his team of skilled attorneys can provide you with the legal counsel you will need.

It can be incredibly difficult to establish whether or not you or someone you know has been the victim of elder abuse. Different cultures, upbringings, and backgrounds can contribute to a great deal of confusion for all involved. For instance, someone who has grown up with physical abuse, insults, or deprivation being used against them as a behavioral correction strategy may not see a problem with doing the same to others or having others do the same to them. This is called normalization, and it can prevent victims from coming forward to report those responsible. Regardless of personal values or background, the law is meant to protect people from this type of violence and exploitation.

Abuse can be a hard topic to confront, as one has to not only reckon with their victimization but attempt to get people to listen and take them seriously. This can be particularly difficult if you are an elderly individual. All too frequently, claims of theft, abuse, and harassment are waived off as mere delusions or convoluted ploys to get attention from their loved ones. The fact that many elderly individuals also have declining and impaired cognitive functions can also serve to justify dismissing them out of hand. There is also the fact that some victims may find what happened to them too embarrassing or painful to discuss. These factors, as one would expect, produce an environment that allows abusers to act with impunity. Those who prey on the elderly can be somewhat confident that their victim(s) will likely not be believed, should they come forward.

If you believe that you or someone you know has been the victim of elder abuse, please report it to the authorities and contact The Cartwright Law Firm. Founded by Robert E Cartwright, the Cartwright Law firm has accomplished attorneys ready to help you receive justice.

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