Food Poisoning: What to Do When Your Food Makes You Ill

Cartwright - October 11, 2013 - Blog, Food Poisoning

The announcement this week linking three Foster Farms processing plants in California to a large-scale salmonella outbreak reminds consumers that they need to be vigilant in protecting themselves from food-borne illnesses. Rob Cartwright Jr. and The Cartwright Law Firm have represented many victims of food poisoning, including those poisoned by contaminated food as well as those injured by harmful and inedible substances (such as glass) found within their food. Should you become sick or otherwise injured from food-borne illnesses or food contaminants, taking the following steps could better help you and your legal representatives in seeking recovery for your injuries:

  • If you think you are becoming or have become sick from food poisoning, immediately contact your doctor or hospital for advice and treatment.
  • Keep and preserve any un-consumed food that you suspect caused your illness. Seal the food in an airtight container and freeze the contents for later testing. While your food poisoning complaint may be genuine, possessing the food that caused your illness may better assist you and your representative to prove your claim.
  • Keep any purchase receipts or records for the food you suspect made you sick. A receipt may help identify the particular restaurant or store that sold the contaminated food.
  • After you have sought treatment, contact your local public health authority. For example, San Francisco’s Department of Public Health inspects local restaurants for health violations and investigates complaints of food poisoning and restaurant’s improper handling of food. In San Francisco County,’s Restaurant Complaint page provides information on how to make various complaints related to restaurants, including food poisoning.

Taking these steps strengthens your ability to prove your claims should you consider seeking legal help in the aftermath of food poisoning. For further assistance, CONTACT The Cartwright Law Firm at 415-433-0444 for a free consultation.


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