Common Injuries from Nursing Home Abuse

Cartwright - April 14, 2020 - Nursing home abuse

If you had to make the difficult decision that your loved one needs nursing home care, you carefully chose a facility that you trusted to take excellent care of your aging relative. If that trust is broken and your loved one is injured by nursing home abuse, it can be especially devastating. If nursing home abuse leaves your loved one injured, it’s time to consult with an experienced San Francisco nursing home abuse lawyer. 

The Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

If your relative is in a nursing home, he or she may not be able to adequately communicate that abuse is occurring. Further, nursing home abuse can be more subtle than you might expect. There are several signs, however, that can indicate there are abuse problems at the care facility, including:

  • If your loved one’s personal hygiene deteriorates for no reason and in a manner that isn’t consistent with his or her self-care habits. It is important to recognize that personal hygiene plays an important role in our overall health and that if you see an issue, it’s a problem that should be addressed. 
  • If your loved one’s personal quarters are unkempt and/or unsanitary, it could be a sign of abuse. The fact is that nursing homes are responsible for providing residents with hygienic and comfortable living spaces – not just public areas that visitors are more likely to see. Unsanitary living conditions can lead to infections, illnesses, depression, anxiety, and more. 
  • If your loved one is inexplicably losing weight, is always hungry when you visit, or appears malnourished, there’s a problem. Not feeding residents an adequate diet can be a sign of deliberate abuse or of general neglect. The elderly are especially vulnerable to illnesses attributable to poor diets, and there is no excuse for a nursing home that fails to provide for the basic need of adequate nutrition.  
  • If your relative has unexplained injuries, it may be a sign of abuse. The nursing home is responsible for providing all of its clients with reasonable care, which includes protecting them from dangerous accidents and injuries. If you notice injuries like bruises and bedsores that have no explanation, it’s a problem. If your loved one has injuries like a broken bone or a head injury, it’s an even bigger problem. While residents of nursing homes can be injured when they engage in more independent activities than they are capable of doing safely, nursing homes are responsible for providing these residents with the help they need and for carefully monitoring them to help ensure their safety. 

If anyone or more of these apply to your loved one, it’s likely indicative of nursing home abuse.

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