California’s Statute of Limitations for Car Accidents

Cartwright - January 9, 2019 - Car Accidents

Heavy traffic, distracted drivers, and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics are key ingredients for disaster on California’s roads. If you are an experienced Bay Area driver, it’s likely that you have been affected at least once by a driver’s negligence during your time on our state’s highway system. As a trusted member of the Bay Area legal community, the Cartwright Law Firm offers life-saving help to victims of car accidents in and around San Francisco. While our firm recommends that you contact a San Francisco car accident lawyer immediately after a motor vehicle collision, we also offer aid to car accident victims who wait to file injury claims. If you have developed injuries after an accident, you may still have legal rights to compensation.

California Crash-Related Injuries Increase Despite Safety Plans and Programs

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recognizes that car accidents are major threats to public health and safety. The organization works with state and local governments to launch initiatives to improve road safety and end car accident fatalities. Despite NHTSA’s efforts, crash-related injuries and fatalities continue to rise in California. According to California Highway Patrol data, there were 223,128 persons injured by car accidents and 2,853 fatal collisions in 2013. NHTSA reported 3,387 traffic fatalities in 2015 and 3,623 car accident deaths in 2016.

Time Limit for Filing a Car Accident Injury Claim

There are many reasons that people wait to file personal injury claims for car accidents. Some people believe that their injuries aren’t serious enough to make court cases about them. They go back to work and tough it out to keep making ends meet for their families. Some car crashes cause fatalities, and grief-stricken family members are too busy trying to fill the void that resulted from the death of their loved one. At the Cartwright Law Firm, we offer hope to car accident victims and their families even after they’ve waited to file injury claims. According to the California Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1, car accident victims and family members of deceased crash victims have up to two years to file civil lawsuits for compensation. If you have injuries from a car crash that took place less than two years ago, give us a call to file your claim for a financial remedy for your situation before it’s too late.

Impacts of Waiting to File Car Accident Injury Claims

A person who waits to file a car accident injury claim often has the best intentions. He or she believes that the body will heal on its own. That person doesn’t realize that some car accident-related injuries manifest many years after an accident has occurred. Examination by a qualified doctor uncovers problem areas that accident victims won’t know about until it’s too late. Accident victims who wait to file claims often experience back problems and nerve issues that make it difficult for them to work and take care of their households.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney for Car Accident Injury Claims

If you have waited to file a lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death from a car crash, you need to contact a San Francisco car accident lawyer immediately. When timing is critical, you will need a skilled attorney to gather dated evidence about your case, interview law enforcement officers, and guide you through the legal process to submit a winning claim. The Cartwright Law Firm has a 60-year record of exceptional service to car accident victims in Northern California. The firm’s attorneys provide personalized counsel for your unique case. Contact us to find out more about how our attorneys can help you to rebuild your life after a car accident.

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