Wrongful Death Claims after Fatal Drowning Accidents

Cartwright - June 30, 2020 - Wrongful Death
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Pools and beaches offer a great escape from the heat of summer. When these swimming destinations aren’t well maintained or aren’t run safely, however, fatal drowning accidents can tragically ensue. If you’ve lost a loved one to a drowning accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced San Francisco wrongful death lawyer on your side. 

Fatal Drowning Accidents and Negligence

When you visit a pool or beach, the owner, the manager, or the entity running the swimming area is responsible for maintaining a relatively safe environment for visitors. For example, the following responsibilities apply:

  • The owner or manager of the pool is responsible for posting all applicable warnings, for maintaining the pool in safe and working order, and for adhering to all state laws related to pool safety. When the person or entity in charge of a pool fails to uphold these responsibilities, it increases the risk that a guest will pay the ultimate price.
  • The entity in charge of the beach is responsible for providing an adequate number of experienced, well-trained, and attentive lifeguards (or for clearly posting warnings that indicate otherwise), for posting all necessary warnings, and for adhering to all state safety mandates.

Sadly, children are most vulnerable to fatal drowning injuries, which can result from the negligence of several different parties.

Your Wrongful Death Claim

If you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal drowning accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you’re entitled to bring a wrongful death case against the at-fault party. This is much like a personal injury case, except you are bringing the case on behalf of your loved one. In California, any of the following may file such a case:

  1. The surviving spouse or domestic partner
  2. The surviving children (or grandchildren if there are no surviving children)
  3. The surviving parents
  4. Anyone else who, according to California’s intestate succession laws, is entitled to the decedent’s property

Recovering on Your Losses

It is a tragic fact that absolutely nothing can bring your loved one back to you. A successful wrongful death case, however, can provide you with the compensation you need to begin the long journey toward recovery. The damages included in your case can include:

  1. The cost of your loved one’s funeral and burial
  2. The loss of the decedent’s earned income into the future
  3. The loss of the decedent’s companionship and emotional support

If you’ve lost a loved one to a drowning accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you owe it to yourself and to your loved one’s legacy to pursue the compensation to which you are entitled via a wrongful death claim.

Reach Out to an Experienced San Francisco Wrongful Death Lawyer Today

If someone else’s negligence causes you to lose a loved one in a drowning accident, help is available. The San Francisco wrongful death lawyers at The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc., have extensive experience helping clients like you successfully recover on their monumental losses. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (415) 433-0444 for more information today.

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