Why It’s Important to Seek Legal Assistance Following An Auto Accident

Cartwright - July 16, 2018 - Blog, Car Accidents
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When it comes to auto accidents, California is sadly one of the states that sees more than their fair share. The extensive roadway system that includes many multi-lane highways makes the state residents vulnerable to collisions like in few other states. Car accidents often have devastating results, especially when the cars involved collide at high speeds. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s important you know the steps to recovery and who you can turn to for professional legal advice. In this article, we’ll talk about important things you should know about following your auto accident.

Timing is Important

While some accident victims wait until after contacting their insurance company before contacting an attorney, this is not always the best first step to take because evidence can disappear or be destroyed quickly. This practice also gives the insurance company an opportunity to convince the claimant there is no need for legal counsel, especially when the fault is obvious and the claimant will have little to no comparative fault assigned to them, such as passengers. All insurance companies have claims adjuster teams that inspect accidents immediately after they happen, but are normally only looking for evidence that protects their client and company’s profit line. This means that injured claimants need a solid legal team as well investigating the accident as soon as possible to craft a strong case for whole damages when available, so waiting to call an attorney could impact the total value of a claim.

Comparative Negligence in California

All drivers in all accidents across the U.S. are assessed for fault when an accident case goes to court. For auto accidents California state law allows insurance companies to use the comparative negligence percentage assigned to a driver for discounting the total amount of damages available. Cases that are strongly defended usually hinge on this determination, which cannot officially be made until a jury hears the case. While you can get an idea on an initial contact of the insurance company position concerning paying the claim, the truth is that injured victims with attorneys typically receive up to three times the compensation an injured victim without a lawyer receives. This is mainly because the victim cannot personally investigate the accident or officially cross-examine law enforcement officers effectively, who are also officials that can impact the final determination of fault percentages. A comprehensive accident attorney can do all of this in addition to negotiating with the insurance company for full damages.

Additional Legal Action May Be Necessary

It is a fact that state insurance minimums are very low in California, and medical bills alone from an auto accident can exceed the maximum protection a driver may carry on their auto policy. This means that individuals must often be sued for the excess damages as well, which does not happen without an attorney who is experienced in prosecuting these types of cases. Damages that can be claimed include allowance for pain-and-suffering along with medical bills and lost wages and negligent drivers are still responsible for those damages even when they have insufficient insurance protection.

Contact The Cartwright Law Firm

It is never a good decision to handle an auto accident claim personally. If you are a resident living in California, who has been injured in a collision, you should contact The Cartwright Law Firm for a free consultation. With their expert legal team on your side, you can get the compensation you deserve!

For more information on our Vacaville Auto Accident Attorneys, please visit our site. You can also call us at 415-433-0444.

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