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Cartwright - February 8, 2013 - Blog, In the News

In the News, The Cartwright Law Firm is suing the City of Alameda on behalf of Raymond Zack, who drowned Memorial Day, 2011, while the City’s firefighters and police looked on and did nothing to prevent his death. Yesterday, arguments were heard in Alameda County Superior Court over claims by attornies for the City of Alameda that the City had no duty to rescue Mr. Zack, and asked that the suit be thrown out. A number of citizens and media were present for the hearing, and Mr. Rob Cartwright, Jr., the lead attorney representing Mr. Zack, was interviewed after the hearing  by the various media representatives present.

To see and read some of the commentary, and to get a better look at this very important case, see these clips and web pages. With Alameda using the argument that they had no duty, many local citizens are wondering what they pay taxes for when their emergency services personnel can decide who they want to help and when.

The judge in this matter is expected to make a determination to dismiss or continue by next Monday. Stay tuned to The Cartwright Law Firm blog for more In the News!!


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