Hrh H.

Yesterday, after contacting another “top rated” law firm first, only to be summarily dismissed by a partner as “getting into something I don’t want to”, I decided to brush off the diss and give the Cartwright firm a chance. After the obligatory screening by the receptionist, I soon found myself transferred to Nick. Within a few short moments, I had the feeling that I had been talking to someone I had known for years. Quite frankly he is everything one hopes for on an initial phone consult: comfortable, without being smarmy. Both indulgent of his time and his knowledge, Nick actually took the opportunity to walk through my experience to see, from multiple angles, if there was a case. In his opinion there wasn’t, but instead of throwing me off the phone like a couch surfer who stayed one night too many at a buddy’s pad, he continued to educate me about the possible variables that COULD make my case an actionable one. Nick came across as genuine, thoughtful and dare I say it for a legal presence: friendly! Perhaps needless to say, Nick is now my ‘go-to’ person when I have a legal matter I need sorted out. Or at least to make sense of. He may rue the day he ever was so generous with his time and advice, but I for one am most grateful for it!