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Every driver on the road has a responsibility to himself or herself, as well as the others around him or her, to drive attentively. Drivers who are negligent cause unnecessary accidents that can affect injured victims for the rest of their lives. At The Cartwright Law Firm in San Francisco, we stand up for those who have been victimized by the negligent acts of others. We seek to recover the maximum amount of benefits and compensation for our clients, regardless of the level of complexity of the case.

Driver Rights And Responsibilities In California

California laws are constantly changing. Knowing what your rights and responsibilities are while on the road is critical. For instance, do you know how much insurance you should have? Are you aware of the laws regarding the use of handheld devices while driving? Do you know the penalties for violating motor vehicle laws? Becoming informed is an important step to take. Our firm will help you become educated and better prepared in the event you or your loved ones are involved in an accident.

To learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a driver, visit the California DMV website, read the 2012 driver handbook or contact a lawyer at The Cartwright Law Firm.

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When people come to our firm after they’ve been involved in an accident, we take time to answer questions and go over important information about insurance, code violations and more. Most importantly, we go over what your rights are when you have been involved in an accident. We will be a strong advocate and work as your team to reach a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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