Samsung’s exploding phones could lead to product liability claims

Cartwright - September 26, 2016 - Blog, Products Liability

Samsung claims that its exploding phones have not actually caused any injuries, but it is not entirely clear if that claim is accurate. Reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have rolled in from California and elsewhere in America, some of which include extensive property damage. One man claims that his vehicle was set ablaze when his Samsung smartphone exploded. Whether bodily injury, property damage or both are involved, product liability suits are often the most effective approach to achieving compensation from seriously defective products.

The exploding phones have been blamed on what Samsung describes as a rare error during the manufacturing process. However, although it has acknowledged the very real danger posed by its exploding phones, the company chose to handle the recall on its own rather than utilizing official routes with the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Commission. Some believe that this self-driven recall has limited its reach, leaving many consumers out of the loop in regard to product safety.

One of the more drastic outcomes of an exploding Note 7 involved a man’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. After owning the new smartphone for only four days, it exploded and caught fire while left to charge in the vehicle. No one was in the Jeep at the time, but the fire caused irreversible damage, leaving it totaled.

Not owning a smartphone might be unimaginable for some people in California. However, virtually no one expects the device in their pocket to suddenly explode, and rightfully so. Consumers must be able to rely on companies to manufacture reasonably safe and reliable products that will not cause undue harm to either their person or property. When companies manufacture and distribute products with serious defects, consumers can recover compensation for their damages through the successful actions of product liability suits.

Source:, “Samsung’s recalled Galaxy Note 7 blamed for Jeep and garage fires“, Chris Welch, Sept. 8, 2016


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