Safety Violations of Tour Bus Company Uncovered – Could the Bus Crash Have Been Prevented?

Cartwright - December 23, 2015 - Blog, Bus Accidents, In the News
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The Tour Bus Company, City Sightseeing, was found to have safety violations in more than 60% of their buses. This is quite daunting in the wake of the horrific bus crash that occured in November, on Friday the 13th. Could this crash have been prevented if this company properly maintained their fleet of buses? 

CHP inspector Kevin Dee reports that after inspecting numerous buses within the City Sightseeing fleet, he found they were “essentially unsatifactory across the board.” Mechanical failures such as broken tail lights, broken emergency exits, and loose steering wheels should be discovered and fixed immediately. Or at least, one would think!

Moreover, these types of mechanical failures could surely lead to another catastrophic bus accident. Someone needs to take responsiblilty for putting these death traps on the road.

We would hope that drivers of this type of heavy machinery would be required to submit daily inspection reports prior to the operation of these vehicles. However, according to the CHP report, there was no such requirement for drivers to submit inspection reports of their vehicles prior to operation. The report goes on indicating that many drivers were not even drug tested or background checked before becoming a qualified tour bus driver for the company.

While it is unclear whether these reported violations were a contributing factor in this particular bus crash, lax compliance with rules in place to protect public safety is a risky gamble in our eyes.  

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