Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Santa Rosa

Most families in Santa Rosa, CA grapple with how to cater for their elderly relatives when they can’t care for themselves. For most working people the hectic lifestyle makes it impossible to provide the best care. In such circumstances, a Nursing home facilities seem  the best option for a loved one and these families expect their loved ones will be treated with dignity. However, this is not always so and many elders are undergoing untold suffering in silence. Cartwright Law Firm is committed to change this. If you have noticed any signs of neglect, we urge you to contact us immediately to bring such abusers accountable for their misconduct.

We have the best nursing home abuse attorneys in Santa Rosa at Cartwright Law Firm for your loved one and we are all passionate about what we do. Some of the common types of abuse that we come across include physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, financial and abandonment. We appreciate that your elder might not be in a position to come to our offices and we will schedule the most appropriate time for everyone.

Our nursing home abuse attorneys on the Santa Rosa team are empathetic and will take all the time needed to investigate and get more evidence against the abuser. Whether it is the nursing facility or individual caregivers, we have the resources to catch them in the act before filing for damages on behalf of your loved ones.

Some of the tell-tale signs of nursing home abuse include excessive weight loss, bed sores, unusual bruising, poor grooming, injuries from falls, and illogical explanations about bruises or fear in the eyes of your elder. We have experience dealing with elder abuse cases for years and we are committed to getting justice for your loved ones. If you notice these red flags and you are in Santa Rosa, call us today and let’s meet for a free initial consultation.