Motorcyclists faced with unique risks on the road

Cartwright - October 10, 2014 - Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists can be found on just about any road across California. Unfortunately, there are still many people who fail to see these bikers and share the road responsibly with them. Too many motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists who simply fail to operate their own vehicle safety; but it is often the motorcyclist who pays the price.

Not surprisingly, motorcyclists can suffer catastrophic injuries if they are struck by a car. Bikes are smaller and offer little protection to riders in the event of a crash. This is why so many riders take such great care to be safe on California roads. 

Motorcyclists generally understand that they play a critical role in their own safety on the roads. Many riders regularly comply with traffic laws, allow enough space between other vehicles, wear appropriate gear and do whatever they can to make themselves visible to other motorists. Riders may also participate in the California Motorcyclist Safety Program to better understand how to be safe on the roads.

But these measures can prove to be inadequate if another motorist fails to take these same precautions. Drivers who pull out right in front of bikers, follow them too closely or violate traffic rules around them can be putting the lives of those bikers in jeopardy. Sadly, there are still hundred of fatal motorcycle accidents occurring every year according to statistics on the CMSP website.

Motorcyclists are often seen as rebellious, reckless or dangerous. But the truth is that many riders consider safe driving a top priority and take whatever steps they can to be safe. In many cases, it is the operator of another vehicle who has made unsafe or unlawful decisions that causes an accident.

Because of how seriously a motorcyclist can be injured in a crash, it can be crucial for victims to identify any of the reckless or negligent behaviors that led to the accident and hold the appropriate party accountable. Legal representation can be a valuable resource in investigating a motorcycle accident and pursuing a claim for compensation.


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