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Product Liability Law Firm in Vacaville

When a product fails to operate the way it is intended and one or more people suffer harm in some way, there may be sufficient grounds to file a product liability lawsuit.

Product liability suits come about usually because a product does not meet expectation in three possible ways:

  1. The product has a design defect. This means that it was not executed well in the initial stages of product development while plans were still in the concept and design stages.
  2. The product has a manufacturing defect. A product may be designed well, but if it is not built or manufactured correctly, a substandard end product will be the result.
  3. The product has a marketing defect. Even if a product is designed and manufactured to the correct specifications, if instructions on its use are not executed well then end users may suffer harm or injuries as a result.

The attorneys at the Vacaville office of The Cartwright Law Firm have extensive experience when it comes to pursuing product liability claims. We are selective and limit the product liability cases we take on, and we do not become involved in class action cases. This allows us to deliver a higher level of personalized attention to each of our clients.


Our goal in handling all product liability cases at The Cartwright Law Firm is to ensure our clients receive the maximum amount possible for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other related financial impacts, when applicable.

We are backed by 60 years of experience and are recognized as one of Northern California’s leading product liability litigation firms. We take pride in our success, but we are just as proud of how we treat our clients, protecting their rights and helping them to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives while we work through difficult legal situations.

If you have been the victim of a defective product, contact The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. for a free consultation today. We represent clients throughout the greater Bay Area with offices in Vacaville, San Francisco, Discovery Bay, Santa Rosa and San Mateo. Our fees are charged as a percentage of any compensation awarded to our clients and you pay nothing if we fail to win your case.

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