The Cartwright Law Firm Presents: Our Interns!

We at The Cartwright Law Firm have been dedicated for many years to helping new young attorneys “get their feet wet” by interning with our firm. We are a big supporter of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association’s Diversity Program, and have been proud to extend Internships at The Cartwright Law Firm through this wonderful program for the past five years. And mostly because we agree with the Program’s stated purpose:

“It is the mission of the (SFTLA) Diversity Committee to promote diversity – of gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion and background more generally – within the members of the organization and of the Board in order to better serve our diverse community of clients.”

It just makes sense that there be well-trained attorney’s from backgrounds as diverse as those of our clients, ready to aid in protecting the rights of everyone, as provided for by our Constitution!

To date, The Cartwright Law Firm has hosted five Interns through this deserving program. Each has enriched our firm with their evolving perspectives, and each has taken considerable increases in knowledge with them upon their departures. For us, and for them, this is a win-win – their youthful energy and curiosity helps keep us on our toes, and our experience in the many aspects of plaintiff law practice expands their professional vision and skill sets.

In addition to Interns that come to our firm through the Diversity Program, we at CLF do even more outreach by hiring other Interns, as well, And we hope that when they leave our firm to pursue their own legal careers, they will approach their clients as we do ours – with intelligence, integrity, and a passionate embrace of the practice of law.

Some of our recent and current interns!

Sophia Goren

Sophia is a rising third-year student at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. Sophia was born and raised in Michigan and earned her undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Sophia was selected as a Trial Advocacy Fellow as a part of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Diversity Fellowship based on her commitment to fighting for justice on behalf of injured victims and their families. She is excited to be interning at the Cartwright Law Firm, where she knows she will be learning effective advocacy skills from the most experienced trial attorneys in the Bay Area.

Jaclyn Merkis

Jaclyn is currently a third year law student at Golden Gate University School of Law. Jaclyn was selected as the Summer 2013 Diversity Trial Advocacy Fellow at the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association, an organization dedicated to the representation of Plaintiff’s in civil lawsuits. She graduated from Fordham University in New York, where she was born and raised, with a degree in International Political Economy.

Jaclyn states she has loved working with the Cartwright Law Firm family because of the sense of accomplishment that comes with working hard to help others. The Cartwright Law Firm is one of the Bay Area law firms that host Trial Advocacy Fellows such as Jaclyn in order to train young future trial attorneys to provide exceptional representation.

Brian Lance

Brian Lance is in his third year at University of San Francisco School of Law and graduated from San Diego State in 2006. Brian was drawn to personal injury law because he enjoys helping people and knows that his work can help create a safer and more just world by holding people accountable for their negligent actions. He learned of this internship opportunity through his School.