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Cartwright - June 5, 2013 - Blog, Teen Drivers

Statistics from the Center for Disease Control amply demonstrate that teen drivers pose a higher risk behind the wheel than older drivers with more experience, but most teens and parents aren’t aware of what those risks mean. High auto insurance premiums may be the least of a parent’s worries if their son or daughter is involved in a serious accident. Over a quarter of a million teenage drivers were rushed to the ER due to car accidents in 2010, and nearly one out of every one hundred of them died due to their injuries. The auto¬† industry has made great leaps in vehicle safety, but each year the trend continues. The Cartwright Law Firm has been raising awareness about this issue for many years, and we believe more voices need to be added to the rising chorus.

We recently became aware of another such voice speaking passionately on the issue of teen drivers, and wanted to share it with you here. Among the topics covered are:

  • How to Prepare Teens for Driving
  • Safe Driving Pledges and Contracts
  • Rules of the Road
  • What to Do in Case of an Accident
  • Underage Drinking and Driving
  • Teens and Car Insurance

We at The Cartwright Law Firm urge you to read the article, and share it with your teenaged drivers. You may just save a life!


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