I want to file for divorce.

Cartwright - June 19, 2014 - Blog, Divorce

I want to file for divorce.

These are words most people would never believe could come out of their own mouths. Yet statistics show that about 50% of all marriages end in divorce. When this involves a mutual decision after only a few years of marriage, the divorce process can be relatively simple, although it is usually very emotionally challenging no matter how long the marriage. However, when the relationship has existed for a long time, or when there are children or significant financial assets involved, the process and pain associated with a dissolution can be anything but simple.

Child custody issues are perhaps the most painful, and most fraught with potential for anger, hurt, and stress. It is very important, therefore, that people in need of legal assistance for a divorce choose their attorney not just for their legal acumen, but for their understanding and sensitivity to the emotional issues that inevitably arise. You may be experiencing everything in your life falling apart, but the right attorney should be able to reassure and help you during the entire duration of the process to understand the issues and likely outcomes clearly and as straightforwardly as possible.

That same attorney should also be able to explain your rights on issues such as division of property, visitation, child support; and on the process itself – how long might it take; what factors might cause the process to drag on, or speed up; what documents do I need; what should I do about protecting myself financially; how much will all this cost me? A good divorce attorney will be able to answer all these questions, and will know when to bring in experts to assist with larger issues, such as when the assets of a marriage are substantial and complex, or when your children are experiencing extreme stress from the separation and all the issues this trauma inevitably brings to the fore.

Don’t be afraid to ask every question about the process that you have, and don’t think there are any bad questions – you need to feel, in this time of great stress, you have someone fighting on your behalf that you can trust will do the right thing for you. After all, the last thing you need to find yourself asking is, “I need to find a different attorney.” If you have reached that point where you have to ask the unthinkable question, contact The Cartwright Law Firm to get a free consultation. The sooner you get the information you need, the better you will feel.


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