How to Prepare a Compelling Auto Accident Case

Cartwright - September 20, 2018 - Car Accidents

Being properly compensated for injuries and property damage following an automobile accident in California can be a challenging legal task, and a novice injured claimant can rarely accomplish the feat without legal assistance. Studies actually show that injured parties who retain a personal injury and auto accident attorney generally receive about three times what a claimant receives in compensation without professional legal representation. All insurance companies know this situation, and many will even encourage a claimant to handle the claim themselves because the amount of coverage is limited or they are largely at fault for the injury themselves. This is a sure signal that the injured party needs legal counsel because the insurance provider has an undisclosed motive in making the statement. All insurance claims adjusters are trained professional negotiators, and it is vital for injured claimants to have professional negotiators as well handling their case. But, there are also some steps a claimant can take to help an attorney from Cartwright Law Firm secure whole damage compensation with a compelling case.

Gather All Documentation

Insurance claims are won based on accurate supporting documentation. Compensation normally includes recovery for medical bills, lost wages when it applies, physical property damage, and general damages for pain-and-suffering after injuries. This not only includes a recovery period for the claimed injuries but can also include ongoing medical coverage and wage replacement when an injured party is left unable to work for the remainder of their life. Even being unable to continue in a certain position can be claimed in some instances, and both situations can result in an enhanced final settlement. But, documentation of claimed items is what makes a case.

Make All Medical Appointments

The most valuable component of any accident injury claim is the general damages associated with the long-term effects of the injury and problems in rehabilitation. Many injuries actually cannot be rehabbed completely regarding the ability to work, which can give your personal injury attorney significant leverage in settlement negotiation with the insurance company, or companies when there are multiple negligent parties involved. Failure to meet all medical treatment appointments can be used by respondent insurance companies as an argument that the injury is not as serious as being claimed, which could result in a settlement less than the equitable level for whole damages. It is vital to follow all doctors recommendations, including follow up visits with specialists and always be totally honest with the doctors and your attorney. This can help your legal representative from Cartwright Law Firm craft a case for full benefits leaving little room for argument from the respondent insurance company that is working to reduce a claim settlement in any way possible.

The Lawyer You Choose Matters

There is nothing automatic about a personal injury claim settlement, and the attorney you choose can make a major difference. Always choose an experienced legal professional like the counselors at Cartwright Law Firm with a long track of solid results for their clients. Call or click today and let them put their experience to work for you.

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