How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Prevent Insurance Adjusters from Lowballing Your Claim?

Cartwright - April 3, 2019 - Personal Injury
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A settlement offer in a personal injury case is a negotiated agreement between parties to avoid going to trial. In exchange for money to cover expenses, the injured victim agrees not to sue or continue with their lawsuit. Settlements are supposed to be fair. Unfortunately, an insurance adjuster may decide to offer you, the accident victim, a low-ball insurance claim. A low-ball insurance claim is a settlement offer that will not cover a victim’s accident expenses such as property damage and medical bills.

If you believe a settlement offer won’t cover your car accident expenses or you think the offer is too low, do not accept the offer. You don’t have to take the first offer either. You don’t even have to wait until the insurance adjuster makes an offer to contact a San Francisco, personal injury attorney for representation. You can contact an attorney immediately after the car accident.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Prevent Low Ball Offers from an Insurance Adjusters

The first way a personal injury attorney can prevent a low-ball offer is by representing you. Insurance adjusters know that you don’t understand the legalese and negotiation tactics. You’re not supposed to know. Thus, they take advantage of this fact and offer you a claim that looks like it was in good faith and will cover your expenses. Once a personal injury attorney is representing you, they may try to offer you a low-ball claim. However, they won’t get far if you have a competent injury lawyer.

Additionally, an insurance adjuster knows that your personal injury attorney will calculate your necessary compensation, also called damages. This means that your attorney will add up all your costs to figure out how much money the insurance company owes you. These damages include economic and non-economic compensation.

Economic compensation is all the bills you incurred because of the accident. These bills include medical bills, car damage, and lost wages. Non-economic compensation refers to another form of costs like pain and suffering and mental anguish that you suffered because of the car crash. Your attorney will calculate both past, current and future economic and non-economic expenses.

Have you been trying to settle your claim with the insurance adjuster by yourself? Stop immediately. Insurance adjusters will use anything you say against you to keep offering you a low-ball claim or prevent you from going to trial. Now is the time to hire an attorney. A San Francisco personal injury attorney will take over the negotiations immediately and work to obtain a fair settlement for you. Contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

A Personal Injury Attorney Prevents Low Offers via Tough Negotiations

An insurance adjuster knows that attorneys advise their clients of the lowest offer they should receive. The lowest offer is different from a low-ball offer. The lowest offer is the amount of money you should take to cover your economic and non-economic expenses.

Does a personal injury attorney advise their clients of the maximum amount they can receive in their settlement claim? Absolutely. Typically, a personal injury attorney will help you understand the maximum amount of money you are likely to receive and the lowest offer you should accept.

Most Important Way a Personal Injury Attorney Can Prevent a Low-Ball Offer: Rejection and Counter Offer

Negotiations are tough. They involve rejecting an offer and making a counter offer. Your attorney will typically reject any low ball offers, then make a counter offer. A counteroffer is a new offer to settle the case. The money amount will be higher than the rejected proposal.

Did you know that most insurance adjusters would rather settle than go to court? Your attorney will file your case in civil court to you’re serious about receiving compensation.

Contact the Cartwright Law Firm for Assistance with Your Personal Injury Settlement Claim

When you’ve suffered a personal injury, you need a San Francisco, personal injury attorney who is aggressive, experienced and tough. The Cartwright Law Firm is a nationally recognized trial legal team who is also recognized for being tough settlement negotiators. Also, the Cartwright Law Firm has helped numerous personal injury victims achieve outcomes in their favor after a personal injury they have suffered. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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