Common Accidents in the Summer

Cartwright - June 23, 2020 - Personal Injury
San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney
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Summer is time for fun activities with family and friends, but there are some safety concerns that might increase during the warmest months. In many cases, people can be involved in accidents that result in serious injuries. If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured in a summer accident, don’t delay consulting with an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney. 

Motorcycle, Bike, and Pedestrian Accidents

Summer inevitably means that there are more pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists out and about enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. As more people leave their cars behind and travel on foot or on a bike, the number of risky accidents can increase, as well. Unfortunately, driver negligence is often at the root of these serious traffic accidents, and such negligence can include:

  1. Distracted drivers
  2. Impaired drivers
  3. Drowsy drivers
  4. Drivers who speed excessively 
  5. Aggressive drivers

Any form of driver negligence can lead to serious accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists, and/or motorcyclists.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools and summer just go together, but when swimming pools aren’t well maintained, aren’t safely monitored, are dangerously constructed, have inadequate warnings posted, violate safety regulations, or are otherwise flawed, dangerous swimming pool accidents can ensue. Children are ultimately the most vulnerable to these accidents, and because water is involved, the very real threat of drowning persists. If a pool manager or owner’s negligence leaves you or your child injured, don’t put off consulting with a personal injury attorney. 

Accidents on the Playground

The kids have put their school books away for the summer, and they might be spending more time playing at friends’ houses or at the park, which often involves playgrounds. Playgrounds are great fun, but they can also be extremely dangerous when they aren’t well maintained, are poorly designed, or are faultily constructed. All of the following can pose a serious threat to children who are on playgrounds:

  1. Playground equipment with sharp, uneven, or torn edges
  2. Playground equipment that becomes dangerously hot in the sun
  3. Playground equipment that is made dangerous by wear and tear that goes unchecked
  4. Playground equipment that poses the threat of dangerous falls (especially from heights)
  5. Playgrounds that are erected on hard, unyielding surfaces (which makes any falls that much more dangerous)
  6. Playgrounds that incorporate dangerous tripping hazards
  7. Playgrounds that are dangerously positioned too near traffic
  8. Playground equipment that incorporates trapping hazards

Any of these can lead to dangerous accidents on the playground.

An Experienced San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Summer is all about having fun, but if you or your child is, instead, injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’re going through a very difficult experience. You are not, however, alone. The dedicated personal injury attorneys at The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc., in San Francisco are on your side and are committed to skillfully advocating for the compensation you need to make your most complete recovery. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (415) 433-0444 today.

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