CDC says more motor vehicle accidents while texting, phoning behind the wheel

Cartwright - March 15, 2013 - Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents

The CDC has released a new study showing nearly 1 in 3 motorists are engaged in talking or texting on their phones while driving, exceeding rates found in similar European studies. Motor vehicle accidents are significantly more likely to occur when drivers engage in such behaviors, distracting them to such an extent that their reaction times are highly impacted. The study shows there is little difference between men and women regarding this dangerous behavior.

“The cell phone can be a fatal distraction for those who use it while they drive,” said CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden. “Driving and dialing or texting don’t mix. If you are driving, pull over to a safe place and stop before you use your cell phone.”

CDC researchers also looked specifically at U.S. drivers and found that in the 30 days before they were surveyed:

  • There were no significant differences between men and women in terms of cell phone use or reading or sending text or e-mail messages while driving.
  • A higher percentage of 25-44 year-old men and women reported talking on a cell phone while driving than those ages 55-64, and;
  • A higher percentage of 18-34 year-old men and women reported reading or sending text or e-mail messages while driving than those ages 45-64.”

The Cartwright Law Firm urges drivers to not use their phones while driving. If you are in an accident, even if the accident is not your fault, you could face either liability for the accident, or find it difficult to collect against insurance if it is found out that you were also on your phone. Motor Vehicle Accidents are one of the leading causes of death and severe injury in the U.S. Do your part to not be one of the statistics!


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