Cartwright - September 19, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

Drug companies may see criminal fines as the cost of doing business

Earlier this month, we wrote about the Food and Drug Administration’s questionable decision to approve opioid painkillers for patients as young as 11 years old. Although doctors have already been prescribing drugs to young patients at their own discretion, drug companies were not allowed to market drugs for these patients. So-called “off-label” prescribing is legal, […]

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Cartwright - September 12, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

Remembering important legislation on auto and highway safety

In recent years, President Lyndon Johnson has been remembered as a champion of the civil rights movement. But for all the important work Johnson did in collaboration with Martin Luther King Jr. and other activists, he also advocated for practical measures that would improve safety for all Americans. On this week in 1966, President Johnson […]

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Cartwright - September 4, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

Dangerous painkillers now approved for patients age 11 and older

While pharmaceutical companies provide an invaluable public service by developing and manufacturing new medications, it is widely recognized that objective safeguards need to be in place. This is because drug companies are driven by the potential for profit rather than public safety and health. It is the job of the Food and Drug Administration to […]

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Cartwright - July 9, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

In an accident, the product, not the person, may be to blame

If you take a quick look at our last post, you will quickly pick up our reference to human error being the cause of most motor vehicle accidents. A closer look, though, will tell you that the post is not about human error, or even the potential for human error. The focus is on the […]

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Cartwright - June 5, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

Is liability less of an issue with driverless vehicles?

The easy answer to the question posed above is, of course, no. But driverless or fully autonomous cars are not yet widely in use on U.S. roads. As we have noted previously, California has passed laws that allow for the testing of computer- and sensor-controlled vehicles. And as readers are surely aware by now, some […]

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Cartwright - May 4, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

What are express and implied warranties under the UCC?

One of the primary sources of product liability law is the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC came about as a way to harmonize laws governing commercial transactions from state to state. Each state legislature has adopted at least part of the UCC — California has adopted the entire UCC — and may have adapted at […]

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Cartwright - April 27, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

What are the 4 major grounds for product liability? (continued)

We are picking up our discussion of the legal theories of product liability. As we explained, the plaintiff — or the plaintiff’s attorney — must answer “yes” to at least one of four questions about the claim. The first two, reviewed in our April 23 post, addressed negligence and warranties. The subject came up in […]

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Cartwright - April 23, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

What are the 4 major grounds for product liability?

In our March 27 post, ’60 Minutes’ questions safety of laminate flooring; CPSC responds, we mentioned that homeowners had filed multiple class action lawsuits against the manufacturers of defective drywall. Lumber Liquidators could find itself in equally hot water, if consumers can successfully link health problems to the toxins in the laminate flooring — at […]

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Cartwright - March 27, 2015 - Blog, Products Liability

’60 Minutes’ questions safety of laminate flooring; CPSC responds

The Chinese building materials industry is again under scrutiny. A few years ago, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission was fielding complaints from homeowners about health conditions that developed when they moved into newly constructed or renovated homes. Homeowners also found corrosion of copper wire and other metal components in their homes. All told, the […]

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Cartwright - March 12, 2014 - Blog, Products Liability

Table Saw Products Liability: Profits Over Amputations

It sometimes appears that a products liability issue is never truly resolved. Sometimes, sadly, an industry just can’t stop its bad behavior. Case in point? Way back in October of 2001, The Cartwright Law Firm successfully brought suit on behalf of a client whose hand was severed by an unguarded power saw made by Sears […]

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Cartwright - March 6, 2014 - Blog, Products Liability

NHTSA rattles its saber at GM over ignition problem and recalls

On the East Coast, people tend to get in your face if they are upset with you, or, for that matter, with anything. In the Midwest, there is a joke about natives being so polite that their in-your-face reaction is, “Oooooh, I’m going to write such a letter!” Here in California, we are a little […]

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Cartwright - December 19, 2013 - Blog, Products Liability

Consumer Alert: Michelin Recalls 1.2 Million Pickup/SUV Tires

Tire-manufacturer Michelin has announced a major tire recall. Approximately 1.2 million tires manufactured over a two-year period and distributed in the U.S. may have a defect that causes the tire treads to separate, resulting in rapid tire deflation. This tread separation can cause the vehicle to swerve out of control and crash. Unfortunately, these tires […]

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