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Justice Department cracks down on dietary supplement makers

As a follow-up to posts we recently wrote about pharmaceutical company marketing practices, we also wanted to warn readers about the dietary supplement industry. Unlike prescription drugs, which are subject to FDA approval before they can go on the market, virtually any product labeled as a “dietary supplement” can be sold without FDA scrutiny. Supplements…

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Big pharma marketing practices may be harming public health: Part II

We are continuing a discussion today that be began in our last post. Pharmaceutical companies in the United States have very deep pockets and enormous lobbying power – both of which are being utilized to weaken public-safety regulations. Specifically, drug companies are now seeking to assert their “right” to market prescription drugs for uses other…

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Big pharma marketing practices may be harming public health: Part I

In a September post, we discussed the problem of prescription drug marketing in the United States. Pharmaceutical companies make invaluable contributions to society in the form of important drugs that can save lives and improve health. And they take on this important work not as a public service, but rather because it is highly lucrative….

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Drug companies may see criminal fines as the cost of doing business

Earlier this month, we wrote about the Food and Drug Administration’s questionable decision to approve opioid painkillers for patients as young as 11 years old. Although doctors have already been prescribing drugs to young patients at their own discretion, drug companies were not allowed to market drugs for these patients. So-called “off-label” prescribing is legal,…

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Remembering important legislation on auto and highway safety

In recent years, President Lyndon Johnson has been remembered as a champion of the civil rights movement. But for all the important work Johnson did in collaboration with Martin Luther King Jr. and other activists, he also advocated for practical measures that would improve safety for all Americans. On this week in 1966, President Johnson…

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Dangerous painkillers now approved for patients age 11 and older

While pharmaceutical companies provide an invaluable public service by developing and manufacturing new medications, it is widely recognized that objective safeguards need to be in place. This is because drug companies are driven by the potential for profit rather than public safety and health. It is the job of the Food and Drug Administration to…

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