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Category Archives: Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents: San Francisco on Track to Break 2013 Record

Pedestrian accidents in San Francisco are approaching epidemic levels. The Cartwright Law Firm has seen an increase in cases coming into the firm, and according to the San Francisco Chronicle, 2013 saw 21 people killed by autos while walking in The City. Since January 1st, San Francisco has seen 4 deaths and many more injuries…

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Drivers Beware: Pedestrian Accidents Bring Increased Police Actions

Drivers who run red lights, speed, fail to yield to pedestrians or don’t stop behind limit lines can expect to see more flashing lights – and more citations, said San Francisco’s Chief of Police. Due to a disproportionate number of pedestrian accidents caused by motor vehicles, the issue has caused significant public concern. The Cartwright…

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School’s open: tips to avoid pedestrian-car accidents this fall

According to the American Automobile Association, more than 55 million children will be heading back to school over the next couple of weeks, and around 13 percent of them will be walking or biking. Others, will be riding school buses or getting rides in cars, which means that school zones can be choked with cars…

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Pedestrians beware! No abatement of pedestrian-related fatalities

We at The Cartwright Law Firm have been trying to raise the public’s awareness of the significant number of pedestrian-related car accidents plaguing our City. In San Francisco, Geary Boulevard, 19th Avenue and Mission Street were the most deadly streets for pedestrians to cross. This is in spite of all the work San Francisco has…

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‘Good Samaritan’ drivers that hit pedestrians rarely charged

We talk about pedestrian accidents on this blog very often, and with good reason. Pedestrians are inherently at great risk of injury when they enter the crosswalk. Just because some painted lines give you a “protected” area to walk in does not mean that you are safe from an oncoming vehicle. In addition, pedestrian accident…

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New study finds pedestrians perform distracting activities too

We have focused quite a bit on pedestrian accidents recently; just last week we talked about the rising pedestrian accident rate here in San Francisco, and what actions may be taken by city officials to correct the issue. A recent study, though, points to some disturbing behavior by pedestrians that could require city officials to…

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Pedestrian deaths in San Francisco take scary jump

According to some admittedly confusing pedestrian fatality statistics, the city of San Francisco is on pace to have one of its worst pedestrian safety years in roughly a decade. The city has suffered six pedestrian fatalities in 2013 according to the source article (but, the source also notes other stats that show five pedestrian fatalities…

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Woman in serious condition after pedestrian accident

An accident in San Francisco, California has left two people injured — one critically — after a vehicle plowed through two pedestrians last week. The accident occurred at night and the police do not suspect any negligence (such as intoxication or distracted driving) on the part of the driver; however, that may change based on…

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Violent collision leaves San Francisco pedestrian on brink

A very serious pedestrian accident in San Francisco, California left a man in a dire situation. The collision occurred last week, as a driver struck the pedestrian. It appears the driver was travelling straight down the road (he was not making a turn); details about the pedestrian, however, have not been provided (the police are…

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