Cartwright - August 30, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

The distracted driving risks of simply hearing a cell notification

In modern-day America, paying attention is a rarer phenomenon than it should be. We are constantly bombarded by things competing for our attention: television, radio, internet ads and, of course, our cellphones. With so much technology always in our immediate field of vision, it is easy to forget that other things need and deserve our […]

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Cartwright - August 10, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

What laws are in place in California for distracted drivers?

Distracted driving is a huge problem all across the country, and each state has a different way of dealing with the issue. But if there is one place in the U.S. that may have more of a problem with distracted driving than other places, it is the Bay Area. The sacred tech grounds of the […]

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Cartwright - August 3, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

Injuries involved for first time in self-driving car accident

About a month ago, we wrote a post on this blog about self-driving cars, and how Google and Tesla are at the forefront of this endeavor. Autonomous vehicles seem bound to become mainstream, but there are still many questions that need to be asked about how these vehicles function — as well as how these […]

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Cartwright - July 28, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

The many tasks to complete after getting into a car accident

Imagine a car accident scene in the moments that immediate follow that first meeting between bumper and metal. You’re hurt; you’re angry; you’re emotional; and while all of this understandable, you also have a job to do. You have to perform all of the important steps necessary to help you deal with this car accident […]

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Cartwright - July 3, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

Google, Tesla etc. try to make ‘self-driving’ equal ‘blameless’

One of the standard arguments for driverless cars is that most car accidents are caused by human error. Or, as some skeptics have put it, “Cars don’t kill people. People driving cars kill people.” Either way, the experimental technology is more and more frequently finding its way onto California roads. With industry leaders Google and […]

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Cartwright - June 25, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

Dreaming of California this summer? Not while driving, please! p3

The Fourth of July is coming up, the holiday that many of us look forward to the most. If you aren’t a fan of fireworks, perhaps you enjoy the chance to sit with friends, enjoying a relaxed, extended afternoon, sharing barbecue and tossing back a few beers — or even a nice California wine. The […]

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Cartwright - April 17, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

SF Cyclists: watch out for distracted drivers

Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious injuries whether you are in a large truck, a compact car or on a bicycle. Here in San Francisco, there are a lot of bicyclists and bicycle accidents occur on a regular basis. Traffic accidents occur for a variety of reasons, of course, but cyclists in San Francisco have […]

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Cartwright - March 14, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

CEM in new train cars – Metrolink’s investment likely saved lives p2

In the 1952 movie, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” the locomotive of one train hits an automobile and another train, both of which are stopped on the tracks. The force of the impact jolts the locomotive backwards and slows it down considerably. Each car behind it is slammed, in turn, by the car in front […]

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Cartwright - February 19, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

Safety tips for driving in fog

There are many different weather conditions that can make driving more difficult. One such condition is fog. Fog can greatly reduce driver visibility, which could create an increased risk of vehicles colliding. Given the traffic safety problems fog can pose, when a person knows there is going to be heavy fog in their area, it […]

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Cartwright - February 6, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

Work with an experienced attorney to maximize damages

Readers may have heard last month about a wrongful death case in which a San Francisco jury awarded $4 million in damages to the parents of a woman who was struck and killed by a truck while riding a bicycle in 2013. The accident reportedly occurred when the truck driver made a right-turn in front […]

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Cartwright - January 28, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

Super Sunday is super dangerous on California roads

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, Feb. 1, and, while it isn’t quite a national holiday, there is a little something for everyone: football, of course, but also the half-time show and the much-anticipated (and very expensive) commercials. This is a day for get-togethers with friends and family. Those get-togethers may well start long before […]

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Cartwright - January 19, 2015 - Blog, Car Accidents

Older Americans and teens have something in common: Bad driving

An accident in Sacramento raises an interesting public policy issue: driving privileges for the elderly. A 94-year-old man approached a drive-through car wash and apparently mistook the gas pedal for the brake on his sedan. The car blew through the car wash, taking out a good deal of equipment as it went. The incident was […]

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