Car Accident Attorney Santa Rosa, CA

Are you a resident of Santa Rosa, CA? Have you or a loved one been a victim of car accident injuries? Auto accident injuries devastate the life of the victim by confining them to lifetime care, loss of wages, pain or disability. These injuries generally result from negligence of another person meaning you can potentially claim compensation by suing the at fault driver.

We appreciate how difficult filing an auto compensation case can be, and at Cartwright Law Firm, we are here to share our legal expertise to get justice that you or your loved ones deserve through personal injury legal representation. We are the premier car accident attorney in Santa Rosa, CA to help build your case and win significant damages. Auto injuries take a major toll on families financially due to high cost of medical care. We are committed to assisting you or your loved ones during this difficult time by aggressively advocating for the  best possible result.

Our Car accident attorneys in Santa Rosa, CA are committed to going the extra mile to guarantee the best possible results. We will drive to your home in Oakland, San Francisco, Vacaville, Discovery Bay, Sausalito, Cupertino San Jose or San Mateo for free consultations in case you are still convalescing. Once we listen to your case, we will evaluate it by working closely with medical professionals and expert witnesses to build your case.

To win compensation, our legal experts have to establish that you are suffering due to the auto injuries. This involves extensive interaction and research. We leverage the latest technology such as video presentations to show how these injuries are affecting your life. We strongly recommend that you take the photo of the accident scene and preserve all medical documents to help us build a strong case.

At The Cartwright Law Firm, we offer a viable legal alternative because no initial costs are involved. Contact us today for the most reliable Car accident lawyer in Santa Rosa.

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