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Important Things to Share with Your Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco

If you have been involved in an accident and you require the services of a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco, it is important to understand the details you should provide in order to increase the chances of winning. Many people are wary of providing such information yet it is crucial in helping to strategize for the case. It is important to appreciate those insurers and employers with resources to investigate thoroughly and if you are misrepresenting facts, your suit will collapse and you even risk a fine or jail time.

Truth be told, some personal details are embarrassing to give out but if you want to get justice you must be ready to be frank with your lawyer. Not all information provided in the process will be shared but it will help build a solid case and guarantee that you win the claim. Not only do you build trust by being more open, but you will also be assisting your lawyer to have a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding your case.

During initial consultations, some of the details a personal injury attorney in San Francisco will require include:

  1. Criminal background

Before your attorney even runs a background check for your criminal history, it is advisable to own up. Some crimes may indicate you are untrustworthy and your team must be prepared for this. Many compensation claims have collapsed due to undisclosed criminal backgrounds and recovering from such a setback is tough even for the most experienced legal experts.

  1. Prior illness and Injuries

This is the main point insurance companies and employers use to fight back. These parties have the resources to dig up your medical history to try and link it to your current injuries. If you had previous accidents, you need to alert your accident attorneys in San Francisco to avoid surprises in the courtroom. If your claim involves emotional distress and you had a prior mental issue in the past, the case could be lost if your legal team has not prepared enough on the same. If there are issues with substance abuse, make sure you disclose it, as the defending attorney might use it to discredit your testimony.

  1. Ongoing Divorce

Divorce is a very sensitive issue but it can also affect your personal injury case in many ways. For a start, if you are going through a contested divorce, your spouse might be called by the defendant and due to hard feelings might end up weakening your claim. If the situation has arisen due to your current medical condition, this can play into your hands by adding emotional distress in the compensation package. If your settlement will become subject to division, this changes everything hence, the need to disclose this information.

  1. Bankruptcy Proceedings

No one wants to reveal they have declared bankruptcy but your injury attorney in San Francisco should be privy to this information. The pain and suffering settlement might be added to your estate meaning you won’t get the money. Bankruptcy can also change the strategy the team had planned for your suit.

  1. Tax Issues

Working off the books is not uncommon, but if the law catches up with you, you will be in big trouble and it might lead to confiscation of your money and assets including the settlement you are fighting for.  Recovering lost wages is almost impossible when a client has tax issues.

  1. Medicaid or Medicare

If you have health cover and the medical bills have already been sorted by your insurer, this will change the direction of the case. You have to notify your attorney beforehand and make sure you provide all relevant documents.

Winning a personal injury case depends on how well you collaborate with your legal team. Avoid withholding the truth as this might cost you the case irrespective of how qualified your legal expert is.

Learn more about how we may be able to help you in your personal injury case. Just call us at 415-906-2753 case to get a consultation with an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer, or Visit:


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