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Thousands of product liability suits filed against Xarelto

Blood clots are a serious medical condition that can cause a wide array of injuries and, in some instances, even death. Most doctors in California take quick action to treat their patients who are suffering from blood clots. Unfortunately, one of the commonly prescribed medications to treat blood clots and other blood-related issues might actually cause far more harm than good. Xarelto — a blood thinner medication backed by basketball player Chris Bosh — has been named in multiple product liability suits for alleged uncontrolled bleeding.

Produced by Bayer, Xarelto was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2012. Xarelto is just one of many blood thinning medications seeking to replace warfarin drugs. Warfarins are effective at treating blood clots, but also require patients taking them to follow a strict diet and to check in regularly with their doctor. Without either of those requirements, Xarelto rose in popularity as a Warfarin alternative and topped $1 billion in 2015 sales.

However, is the convenience of an unrestricted diet and less check-ups truly worth it? Some experts argue that Xarelto can lead to massive and uncontrolled bleeding. While Warfarin drugs can also increase the risk of bleeding, medical staff at hospitals can generally get the bleeding under control quite easily. The same is simply not true for Xarelto, which some claim has caused thousands of injuries and even several deaths due to the uncontrolled bleeding. Janssen Pharmaceuticals — the marketer for Xarelto in the United States — hit back at the claims that the medication is dangerous by saying that it warned of the possible bleeding risks, and that virtually all blood-thinners can cause this type of reaction.

Bosh has stayed quiet on the matter so far and has been sidelined from his NBA team after being placed on Xarelto for a second time. Apparently the risk of uncontrolled bleeding from an injury suffered during a game was too high for officials to risk the player’s life. The dangers of uncontrolled bleeding are what prompted thousands of product liability suits to be filed against the manufacturer and marketer, many of which had been consolidated, as victims in California and across the country attempt to achieve justice and financial recourse for their injuries.

Source:, “Thousands Sue Over Xarelto, Blood Thinner Backed by Chris Bosh“, Tim Elfrink, April 18, 2016

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