Study: Brain Injuries May Affect Girls Differently than Boys

A new study discovered that girls may be more likely to experience certain effects after incurring a brain injury than boys.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America, when victims in California incur a traumatic brain injury, the effects they experience often depend on factors like the severity, cause, and location of the trauma. Although these factors impact the victim’s condition, a new study suggests that brain injuries may have a different effect on girls than boys.

According to Time Magazine, researchers surveyed 9,288 students in Canada who were in grades seven through twelve. Of the students who participated, the girls that suffered traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) were more likely to report that they had contemplated committing suicide and experienced psychological distress.

Potential Causes for These Variances

According to Time, researchers could not determine the exact cause of these differences between the male and female participants because the results were self-reported. However, they suspect that these variances have to do with differences in treatment, cognitive abilities, and hormones, or some combination of these factors.

In addition to this theory, the vice chairman of neurological surgery at the University of California, San Francisco has another idea about why these differences exist. According to his independent research, he believes that women are more forthcoming about their symptoms than men, thus explaining the reported differences between men and women.

Recovering After an Accident

After suffering TBI, victims may require short and long-term care from many different professionals. For example, according to WebMD, brain injury victims may benefit from receiving speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and psychological support.

There are also certain individual steps TBI victims can take to aid in the recovery process. According to the BIAA, those who suffered head trauma should:

  • Get plenty of rest after the traumatic event and avoid rushing back to work or school-related activities
  • Write down that which they have difficulty remembering
  • Avoid participating in activities that could result in additional head trauma
  • Take only medications prescribed by a medical professional
  • Wait to drive a vehicle, operate heavy machinery, or ride a bicycle until they gain approval from their doctor

Although taking these steps and receiving various types of therapy may help brain injury victims in California cope with the effects of their injury, they may or may not make a full recovery. If you sustained a TBI in an accident, contact The Cartwright Law Firm today to determine what your legal rights are at this time.