Honorary Consul General of Iceland

Welcome! Velkomin! Whether you are traveling from Iceland, or considering travel to Iceland, or would like information about developing business contacts and opportunities in Iceland, the San Francisco offices of the Honorary Consul General of Iceland are here to help!

“Iceland is an island nation in the North Atlantic, located halfway between Europe and North America. On a map, we’re only the size of a small Midwestern state, but up close, Iceland makes a tremendous display of glistening fjords, tumbling waterfalls, vast volcanic deserts, and bright green, glacier-cut valleys. There is no place on earth quite like Iceland-we invite you to participate.”     from: Iceland, Naturally

Every year, hundreds of Icelanders travel to California, where they enjoy all of the amazing sights, activities, and entertainment we are known for the world over! And while you are here, we hope you have the very best time of your life. Should you need any help during your travels in our wonderful State, do not hesitate to contact us – we are here for you in many ways: we offer Icelandic citizens who are touring the U. S. many services:

What We Do For Icelandic Citizens Traveling in Northern California?

  • We provide access, information, answer questions, and act as an advocate.
  • We extend expired passports.
  • We issue emergency passports.
  • We offer opportunities for voting to Icelandic citizens.
  • We provide space to traveling Icelandic students to take tests while here in the U.S.

And for residents of California, who are thinking of travel to Iceland, allow us to be of service to you, as well! There are as many reasons to visit Iceland as there are for, well, any other world-class destination! Culture, art, outdoor sports and sights – Iceland is an incomparable destination, whose doors are wide open to the world!

What Do We Offer to U.S. Citizens Wishing to Travel to Iceland?

  • We offer information about Iceland’s many artistic, cultural, social, and economic opportunities that travellers will find awaits them in one of the friendliest places on Earth!
  • For information about tourist visa’s, click HERE.
  • Our office does not handle or provide further information about visas, but you can seek further information from Norwegian Consulate General, located in San Francisco, or the Icelandic Embassy in Washington D.C.

And there has never been a better time to consider doing business in and with Iceland!

What Do We Offer to U.S. Businesses Who Wish to Do Business with Iceland?

  • We offer information about Icelandic regulations and other aspects of conducting business with Icelandic companies and consumers.

Contact us at:

222 Front Street, 5th Floor

San Francisco, California 94111

800-718-7036, and 415-433-0444

Robert E. Cartwright, Jr. | Honorary Consul General of Iceland

I succeeded to the post of Vice Consul in January 1997, upon the retirement of the Honorable Gunnhildur Lorensen, and subsequently to the post of Consul General. I am happy for the opportunity to be of service!

Although I was not born in Iceland, my Icelandic roots are strong, and I am very proud of my Icelandic heritage. Icelanders in Northern California have accomplished much to be proud of and I am pleased and honored to be the new head of the post of the Icelandic Consulate for San Francisco. I believe I am well suited to serve the interests of Iceland, as well as of the local Icelandic community.

– Robert E. Cartwright, Jr.

Mr. Cartwright is also the Founding Partner of The Cartwright Law Firm, one of the top civil plaintiff firms in the country. Like his father before him, he fights on behalf of ordinary people who have suffered injury through no fault of their own, with integrity and a deep commitment for justice. The Cartwright Law Firm can be found here.

Honorary Consul General Robert E. Cartwright, Jr.

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