3 vehicles involved in chaotic fatal crash

Cartwright - March 24, 2016 - Blog, Truck Accidents
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A motor vehicle accident that involved three vehicles and left two people dead is under investigation by local police. The wreck, which occurred in the Los Angeles area, involved a truck that was carrying lemons and a big rig, as well as another car. The lemons spilled all over the highway, creating quite an image to head an article, but that image belies the severity of the accident.

It appears that the car was making a right turn onto the freeway where the crash occurred, and it collided with the truck carrying lemons. The crash sent the car 150 feet down the freeway, and the smaller truck spun into the oncoming big rig truck. As you can tell, this was a very powerful accident with an incredible impact.


This is a tragic accident with a lot of details that deserve recognition. For one, the big rig accident rolled over in the wreck. Roll over accidents can cause devastating injuries to the victims, especially to the upper torso where the injuries can cause permanent damage.

Another element is the turn made by the car. Was it legal? Did the driver check for oncoming cars? Was he or she distracted prior to making the turn?

Last but not least, what was the role of the truck carrying the lemons? Was the driver negligent in any way, or was he or she victimized by the turning vehicle?

All of these things will be investigated, and the answers to these questions will be laid bare in the police investigation.

Source: NBC Southern California, “2 Killed in Big Rig Crash on Highway 126; Lemons Spilled Across Highway,” Willian Avila and Lolita Lopez, Feb. 23, 2016

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