21-Year-Old Arrested after a Deadly Crash in San Francisco

Cartwright - August 20, 2019 - Car Accidents

Young, inexperienced drivers are among the most dangerous drivers on our roadways, and a recent accident in the Tenderloin neighborhood highlights this fact. The driver believed to have caused the deadly accident is a 21-year-old woman from Vallejo who’s alleged to have driven her Tesla through a red light, hitting another car and then striking two pedestrians in the process. The pedestrians were a married couple, and the husband was killed. He marks the city’s thirteenth pedestrian fatality this year. 


Accident Details

The young woman behind the wheel of the Tesla was headed north on Taylor Street on a Sunday afternoon when she blew a red light and ran into a Mini Cooper, causing herself and the other driver to lose control of their vehicles. In the process, the Tesla hit the man and his wife, who were both rushed to the hospital. The man died in the hospital, and his wife sustained injuries that were not life-threatening. Neither driver was injured, and drugs and alcohol do not appear to have been involved. The Tesla driver was charged with running a red light and with vehicular manslaughter. 


A Bad Year for Traffic Safety 

2019 is setting a course for being one of the deadliest  – in terms of traffic accidents – on record for San Francisco. While there was a dip in traffic fatalities in 2017 (with 20 deaths), 2018 saw a total of 23 fatalities. As of the end of June, San Francisco has already experienced 19 traffic deaths in 2019. In fact, three days before the deadly Tesla accident, a pedestrian just two blocks away was struck by a tractor-trailer and was killed. Between Market and Sutter on Taylor has been described as one of San Francisco’s most deadly driving corridors. 


Safer Taylor Street Project

In 2017, the Safer Taylor Street Project was launched to help make this stretch of road safer for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists alike. The work is expected to get underway next year, and the project includes reducing the number of driving lanes and widening sidewalks. The supervisor in charge of the district turned to Twitter after this most recent traffic fatality with a push for action, including:


  1. Reducing speed limits 
  2. Adding speed bumps
  3. Prioritizing pedestrian safety in intersections
  4. Creating two-way streets
  5. Installing traffic lights that are timed for safety


The recent accident involving the Tesla showcases exactly how vulnerable pedestrians are when it comes to traffic accidents. This accident happened in broad daylight, and neither driver is believed to have been impaired. While neither driver was injured, a pedestrian was killed, and another pedestrian lost her husband and suffered injuries herself. 


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