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Honeywell may soon face product liability claims over eyewash

The safety and efficacy of any product on the market is important under any circumstances, but this is especially true when the product is used internally or in consumers' eyes. Because of this, California consumers might want to check their medicine cabinets for an eyewash solution that was recently recalled. Honeywell, the manufacturer of the tainted product, could potentially face incoming product liability suits from consumers injured by its eyewash.

The Eyesaline Eyewash is sold for emergency events, in which an individual who has suffered an injury needs to rinse his or her eyes. It is easy to understand how important it is that eyewash solutions be free of contamination for those who have already suffered an injury to their eyes, but Honeywell is recalling some of its 32-ounce bottles because of some troublesome bacteria. The contamination was discovered during routine testing performed by the company.

Car accident victim described as teen with bright future

A California high school senior was the only passenger in a recent fatal crash that police are still investigating. The single-vehicle car accident left the teen dead and the driver injured, although the exact cause of the wreck is still not entirely clear. Police suspect that alcohol might have played some type of role.

The 18-year-old student was apparently the front-seat passenger in the vehicle driven by a 22-year-old man. Police believe that the driver was traveling somewhere between 50 and 60 mph just prior to the wreck. For reasons that are still unclear, the driver veered off of the road and struck the guardrail of a bridge. The vehicle then continued on for around 40 more feet before plummeting off of the side of the bridge. It ultimately landed on its roof.

Lawmakers attempt to curb motorcycle accident fatalities

Lawmakers recently passed a bill that could make riding a motorcycle in California much safer than before. Motorcycle accident fatalities are rising in California, but, if approved, the proposed bill would make so-called lane splitting legal. Experts and riders seem to agree that lane splitting would increase the safety for both motorcyclists and the drivers of larger motor vehicles.

Lane splitting -- which is the act of driving a motorcycle between cars -- is technically neither legal nor illegal, but rather a murky are of the law. However, this gray area allows for some motorcyclists to act unsafely when lane splitting. Legalizing the practice would create safety guidelines that police would be able to monitor, creating what many believe would be a safer environment for everyone on the road.

California Highway Patrol investigating fatal motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but also an immensely dangerous one. Negligent drivers pose a serious threat to people on motorcycles by creating unsafe environments for their fellow drivers on the road. A recent fatal motorcycle accident exemplified just how devastating the results of a negligent driver can be.

Around 2:15 a.m., a motorcyclist was exiting a California highway via an adjoining offramp. Another driver was also exiting at the same time and, for some reason, failed to either see the motorcycle or to accurately judge the distance between the two vehicles. The motorcycle was struck from behind by the larger motor vehicle, causing the rider to be tossed off. Authorities later determined that he died while still at the site of the wreck.

Pursuing justice when injured through negligence in car accident

Traveling on busy California roadways is sometimes downright dangerous. When menaces, such as drunk drivers or those distracted behind the wheel of cars share the highway, disasters often occur. A person injured in a car accident caused by another driver's negligence is entitled to seek justice by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

When accident injuries are serious, the negative impact of the situation may be immediate and long-lasting. It is not uncommon for recovering victims to have to undergo multiple surgeries, physical therapy, or other ongoing medically-related care. Such care is typically very expensive, and many are not prepared to meet the cost.

Risk of causing a car accident at even a low BAC is still high

Car accidents are unfortunately far more common than most people in California realize. Of the thousands of fatalities that result from these wrecks, a significant portion were the direct result of a drunk driver. While some wrecks might be the result of unavoidable circumstances, a car accident caused by a drunk driver is simply not.

According to data from 2014, over 32,000 traffic fatalities occurred on the nation's roads that year. Of those, a third were attributed to drunk drivers. With the number of deaths from drunk driving accidents averaging out to one about every hour or so, some advocates are pushing for harsher policies regarding drunk driving laws and policies.

Compounding pharmacies could be responsible for product liability

Compounding pharmacies provide customized prescription medications for patients who are unable to take conventional versions that are produced on large scales. It is understandable that California patients might be under the impression that these compounding pharmacies are as closely monitored as other manufacturers, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not require these pharmacies to adhere to several of the labeling and manufacturing requirements imposed on typical drug makers. This lack of oversight can lead to serious drug injuries that can be compensated by product liability suits.

Patients who use compounded drugs often do so for a variety of reasons. A patient might have a serious allergy to a typical drug component or have difficulty swallowing a pill and need an alternative liquid version instead. These unique needs are understandable, but while the FDA acknowledges that there is an increased risk of these compounded drugs, these pharmacies are not required to report any type of adverse drug reactions.

Injured California consumers may file product liability claims

California consumers have the reasonable right to expect that the products they purchase and use will operate or perform safely and accurately. Product users often refer to package labels to obtain important information or needed instructions before using their wares. Grounds for a product liability claim may exist when a person is injured or made ill through normal use of a purchased product.

Large corporations tend to fight vigorously against any claim filed against them. This is one of many reasons it is advisable to seek immediate and experienced counsel from a personal injury attorney before addressing such matters in court. A seasoned attorney may be able to secure a successful settlement or verdict, obtaining the maximum amount of compensation available for damages.

Deadly car accident sends pedestrian through windshield

A California woman is in police custody for what they say was a grizzly act of negligence behind the wheel. She is currently facing multiple charges for driving under the influence and for striking a pedestrian with her vehicle. The pedestrian-related car accident ultimately had a tragic ending.

Police believe the 29-year-old driver had spent the night bar hopping before getting behind the wheel of her vehicle and driving toward her home. Before she actually reached her house, she struck a man crossing the street. The vehicle's exact speed at the time of impact is not currently known, but the woman was traveling fast enough to cause the man's body to fully penetrate the windshield and strike the passenger's seat; his leg was severed in the process and ended up on the car's trunk. 

Personal injury compensation still possible after hit-and-run

A hit-and-run accident has California police searching for the driver who sent one woman to the hospital. The victim -- a wheelchair-bound woman -- was hospitalized after the auto-pedestrian wreck left her with severe injuries. Despite what many people believe, it is still possible for victims of hit-and-run accidents to recover compensation for a personal injury even in the event that the liable driver is not found.

The accident occurred around midday when the pedestrian was struck without warning by a passing vehicle. Police did not indicate if the victim was crossing an intersection or traveling alongside the road, only that the vehicle was northbound at the time. The driver then failed to stop and render aid, and instead drove off, leaving the victim behind.

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