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Who Is Responsible For The Deadly Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire?


As of Wednesday morning, the search for bodies from the deadly Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire had concluded, leaving a death toll of 36 decedents. The Cartwright Family would like to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of loved ones who passed away in this tragic event.

As investigation into what caused this deadly fire is underway, there remains a lingering question. Who is responsible for this mass loss of life? Many are trying to place blame on someone, or something, but where do we look?

Major product liability suit ends in hung jury

When it comes to the field of product liability lawsuits, there are few bigger fish in the pond than tobacco companies. The country's history with tobacco is a long and complicated one, with advocates on all sides crying foul and personal freedom. A case that has been in process for more than a decade has come to a standstill, preventing the forward motion of an important precedent in product liability suits.

The case involves an Alaska man who died in 2004 from lung cancer, at the relatively young age of 52. The common-law wife of the deceased, along with his children, brought suit against Philip Morris, alleging that the man had been a longtime smoker of Marlboro Lights. The family contends that he was mislead about the dangers of continually smoking the brand.

Multi-car accident injures many passengers

We often have the tendency to think of driving as one of the implied rights we have as American citizens, with much of our national mythology built around the freedom of the road. How many movies have we seen featuring beautiful people escaping from it all as they speed through the Southwest with the top down as the sun sets and the wind rushes through their hair? We all surely have such an image that comes to mind. It's true — there can be something magical and freeing in those kinds of moments. Unfortunately, this romanticization of the open road often ignores just how devastating a car accident, and how quickly the damage can mount.

Just days ago, multiple individuals were injured a four-car pile up in the early morning hours on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80, in the area of the Berkeley Curve. Emergency response reports did not indicate any deaths, which is to be thankful for. However, four separate cars sustained serious damage and had to be towed away, and an undetermined number of drivers and passengers suffered serious injuries.

1 injured, 1 killed as car crashes through building

Car accidents and associated injuries are not merely confined to roadways, as some residents of South San Jose learned firsthand in a tragic accident recently. While it is generally safer to be inside buildings, even this is not always enough to keep people safe when it comes to vehicles weighing a ton or more with enough speed behind them.

The accident occurred in the late morning on Friday, Nov. 11, when two cars collided in the street outside a credit union, sending one of the vehicles through the wall of the building. Sadly, one person inside the credit union was killed, and another was seriously injured.

Motorcycle and bicycle collide killing 1, injuring 2

By any metric, motorcycles are a risky form of transportation. Those who ride them know that it takes great skill and even greater good fortune to avoid serious injury or death. This truth was born out tragically a few days ago when a motorcyclist and a bicyclist collided in North Oakland, killing the cyclist and leaving the motorcyclist in serious condition.

70-year-old man who lost his life collided with the motorcycle carrying two individuals while negotiating an intersection. All three individuals were thrown from their respective vehicles, and no one got away clean. The two individuals riding the motorcycle were wearing helmets, but the cyclist apparently was not. The riders of the motorcycle were treated for injuries and listed as being in stable condition. Police are still investigating the incident to determine how right-of-way violations may have played a part in the accident.

California reconsiders safety of wastewater crop irrigation

California authorities are gearing up to scrutinize the effects of long-term use of petroleum operations wastewater in the irrigation of the state's produce crops. This contentious issue has supporters and detractors on both sides, as the issues of water safety and water scarcity have come front and center for many communities nationwide.

As it stands, four major petroleum companies contribute the wastewater from their operations to California crop irrigation. It is worth noting that prior to use in food crop irrigation, the wastewater is treated for contamination. Still, there is a mountain of precedent for large companies placing corporate profits over citizen safety, as current health scares such as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan illustrate in frightening detail.

California hit-and-run car accident claims three lives

Most everyone knows that leaving the scene of a vehicle crash is not only a deplorable act but it is also illegal. Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents are far more common than most people realize. Any type of car accident can be a traumatic experience, but when the driver at fault flees the scene of an accident, it only adds to the stress and trauma of those affected. Police are seeking information after a California hit-and-run accident recently left three people dead.

The accident occurred just before 4:30 pm as a southbound driver attempted to illegally pass another southbound car over a solid double-yellow line. A northbound SUV swerved to avoid the oncoming vehicle, sending the SUV on to the dirt shoulder. As the SUV re-entered the roadway, it overturned onto its right side. The overturned SUV was then struck in the roof by the southbound car that had been illegally passed, immediately killing the driver and passenger of the SUV. The driver of the colliding car was also fatally injured.

DUI suspected in fatal California car accident

Losing a family member is an experience that no one wants to face, especially when a loved one is lost through the negligence of someone else. These days on California roadways, drivers are faced with many dangers and threats. The most serious of these threats involve drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol is often a factor in many fatal car accidents. Recently, a head-on car accident involving alcohol claimed the life of a 61-year-old California woman.

According to authorities, the victim's automobile was hit head-on by a vehicle whose driver was attempting to make an unsafe left turn. The errant left turn placed the vehicle directly in the victim's path, causing the accident. The victim had to be extracted from her vehicle and was rushed to a local hospital. She later died from injuries suffered in the crash.

Police looking for driver in hit-and-run car accident

A possible-hit-and run accident had deadly consequences for one man and also left several others injured. California police are still investigating the car accident and are in the process of searching for the driver believed to have caused the initial collision. However, it is still not clear what vehicle the driver was using before fleeing the scene.

At shortly past 3:30 in the morning, a 55-year-old man was traveling in the southbound lanes of the 605 Freeway when, for reasons that are unclear, he was struck by another vehicle. Authorities currently believe that vehicle performed a hit-and-run, but that was not the end of the accident. The man who had initially been struck lost control of his vehicle in the collision and veered across the center line of traffic. When his vehicle finally stopped moving, he was in the northbound lanes facing oncoming traffic.

Don't let a truck accident keep you from compensation you need

Tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers and other large trucks play a vital role in the transporting of consumer goods to and from California. While integral to commercial trade, these trucks also pose a serious risk to motorists. The injuries and other related damages resulting from a truck accident are often severe, and the insurance company is rarely on the victim's side.

Large trucks require a high level of attention and skill in order to properly handle, and any lapse in attention to safety can have devastating consequences. A sharp turn can result in a rollover, while a turn that is too wide can easily strike other vehicles. Driver fatigue, inattention, and drug and alcohol use are not the only causes of truck wrecks, and in some instances, the company itself might be responsible. Failure to perform regular maintenance can lead to dangerous situations, such as brake failure or engine trouble that can also lead to accidents.

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