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NHTSA pairing with other agencies to fight distracted driving

A couple of weeks ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration made an announcement that it was pairing with numerous other agencies and organizations to combat distracted driving. According to the announcement, 3,179 people were killed in 2014 as a result of distracted driving accidents in the U.S. Another 431,000 people suffered injuries that year as a result of distracted driving accidents in the U.S.

Specifically for California, there were 104 people killed and and 11,346 people injured due to "inattention" accidents in 2014. In addition, from 2013 to 2014, the number of victims of distracted driving accidents in the state of California actually increased.

What to do when you're in a car accident

Whether you have been in a car accident before or not, the experience is still a harrowing one. When metal meets metal, the collision is going to be jarring, even if the vehicles involved are traveling at relatively slow speeds. In the moments after the crash, there will be a lot of questions and confusion -- but what you do in these moments matters. So today, let's talk about what you should do when you are involved in a car accident.

It may seem obvious, but you should remain at the scene. Many people panic after they have been in a car accident, and they may actually flee the scene. That's a crime, and it will only make matters worse for you.

Motorcyclist escapes serious injury after crash on highway

While the following story may be smaller in scale compared to other accidents and though it didn't occur here in the Bay Area, there are still some important elements to the story to highlight. In this particular case, a motorcycle crashed in Riverside, California, slowing traffic on Highway 91. Though an ambulance was at the scene of the crash, it does not appear that the motorcyclist was seriously hurt.

Few details are available regarding the crash. It is possible that this is just "one of those things," and the motorcyclist crashed on his or her own. Maybe another vehicle veered too close to the motorcyclist and caused him or her to take drastic measures to avoid a collision. Until more details are revealed regarding the circumstances of the crash, we can't say for sure.

3 vehicles involved in chaotic fatal crash

A motor vehicle accident that involved three vehicles and left two people dead is under investigation by local police. The wreck, which occurred in the Los Angeles area, involved a truck that was carrying lemons and a big rig, as well as another car. The lemons spilled all over the highway, creating quite an image to head an article, but that image belies the severity of the accident.

It appears that the car was making a right turn onto the freeway where the crash occurred, and it collided with the truck carrying lemons. The crash sent the car 150 feet down the freeway, and the smaller truck spun into the oncoming big rig truck. As you can tell, this was a very powerful accident with an incredible impact.

Fatal crash claims two lives in Bay Area

Two vehicles were involved in a fatal car accident that left two people dead in San Jose. The wreck on a Saturday night, with both vehicles suffering "major damage" in the crash. One person was dead at the scene, while another person was transported to a hospital, only to later succumb to his injuries.

The police are investigating the crash, and it will be interesting to learn what they discover. As a result, though, there are few other details available about this crash. Still, we can take a couple of lessons away from this story.

When a defective product hurts you, consider getting legal help

It isn't out of the ordinary for a product to make national news -- not for how great or revolutionary it is, but for how broken and dangerous it is. The resulting defective product causes many people to suffer, and could even cause fatal harm. Maybe the worst part about this is that even when the product makes the news, you have to realize that for many weeks and months before that the product was out there in the world, hurting people without it garnering such media attention. Many may have suffered in silence.

This is why companies need to be vigilant in their manufacturing and quality control processes to ensure that the product they send to market is safe and reliable. When they don't the company could be held liable in a product liability lawsuit.

6 vehicles involved in crash on Highway 101

While the following story is from a couple of weeks ago, it happened here in San Francisco, California and it serves as an important reminder about car crashes and what people need to do after they occur.

Two lanes were blocked on Highway 101 after at least six motor vehicles were involved in a crash in the early morning hours of Feb. 23. One of the vehicles overturned in the wreck. Few other details are known, even now, about the wreck.


An employer can now be held liable for disability discrimination even when it truly (but mistakenly) believes an employee cannot perform his or her duties.

In its recent decision in Wallace v. County of Stanislaus, the California 5th District Court of Appeal considered whether the County of Stanislaus could be held liable for disability discrimination when it placed a sheriff's deputy on an unpaid leave of absence, based on the County's mistaken belief the deputy was physically unable to perform his duties due to a disability.

Could the 'safety truck' actually improve trucking industry?

What if you found out that a truck was being fitted with a video camera on the front (facing forward) and a wall of televisions on the back (facing backward)? Would you think that this is sad way for people to keep up on their favorite television shows? Would you think it is just another symptom of our technologically-centered development as people?

No matter your answers to those questions, you probably wouldn't think that such an idea would have something to do with truck safety. But amazingly, it does. And, in fact, it could prove to be a very important (if small) step towards preventing future truck accidents.

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