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NHTSA orders Takata to stop using volatile chemical in its air bags

There have been many automotive recalls in recent decades, but the current Takata air bag recall stands out. Unlike most recalls, which involve just one car company, Takata air bags are found in vehicles made by at least a dozen major manufacturers. Therefore, the number of vehicles recalled is especially large, and effectively coordinating the recall is especially difficult.

For readers who may need a reminder, Takata air bags have been recalled because they can inflate with too much force, leading to an explosion. When these explosions occur, they often send shrapnel into the cab of the vehicle. In the United States alone, seven deaths and nearly 100 injuries have been linked to the faulty air bags.

Justice Department cracks down on dietary supplement makers

As a follow-up to posts we recently wrote about pharmaceutical company marketing practices, we also wanted to warn readers about the dietary supplement industry. Unlike prescription drugs, which are subject to FDA approval before they can go on the market, virtually any product labeled as a "dietary supplement" can be sold without FDA scrutiny.

Supplements that prove to be dangerous and harmful may be recalled, but recalls are only so effective. Moreover, they obviously cannot undo the harm some consumers have already suffered.

K1 Go-Cart Racing - Dangerous Even When Precautions Are Taken

K1 Racing is highly appealing to people of all ages. However, the adrenaline rush and excitement involved with these go-cart races may not be worth the activities' inherent risks of severe injury. The Cartwright Law Firm is aware of two recent collisions in which one K1 go-cart drove up and over another go-cart, causing severe injuries; one of which resulted in an amputated finger, and the other a fractured vertebrae. The video below depicts how easy one of these gocarts can roll right over other drivers on the course, leaving an unexpecting victim with a castastrophic injury.

20 Seriously Injured In Bus Crash - We Are Investigating The Responsible Party

Last Friday a major bus accident occured near Union Square of downtown San Francisco, which left 20 people injured, and 5 in critical condition. Like in the movie Speed, the bus lost control of the large vehicle's acceleration, with none responsive brakes and transmission, it went barreling down a busy downtown hill in San Francisco. We believe it was likely a design defect in the bus itself that caused the accident. More details of the possible cause of the crash are provided in the video above, along with depictions of the runaway bus flying down the streets of downtown San Francisco. 

Big pharma marketing practices may be harming public health: Part II

We are continuing a discussion today that be began in our last post. Pharmaceutical companies in the United States have very deep pockets and enormous lobbying power - both of which are being utilized to weaken public-safety regulations. Specifically, drug companies are now seeking to assert their "right" to market prescription drugs for uses other than those approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

This practice, known as "off-label" prescribing, is something only doctors are legally allowed to do. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical sales representatives often skirt ethical and legal boundaries in an attempt to convince doctors to write off-label prescriptions. Relaxing this regulation would only make it easier for drug companies to essentially bypass both the authority of the FDA and the discerning judgment of physicians.

Big pharma marketing practices may be harming public health: Part I

In a September post, we discussed the problem of prescription drug marketing in the United States. Pharmaceutical companies make invaluable contributions to society in the form of important drugs that can save lives and improve health. And they take on this important work not as a public service, but rather because it is highly lucrative. Champions of free-market capitalism might call this a win-win arrangement.

But how much power and influence should drug companies be allowed to wield, given that their primary goal is to maximize profit? Should they be allowed to market their drugs for purposes other than those which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration?

Speeding, distracted, drunk or drugged?

Last night, the San Francisco 49ers were thrashed 20 to 3 by their rivals, the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers ended the night feeling only marginally better than the stop sign Seahawks running back Fred Jackson rammed into earlier in the week near the team's practice facility in Washington.

Jackson was cited for inattentive driving. He's the second Seattle player in two weeks to be involved in a car crash. Fullback Derrick Coleman rammed a car on a street, sending the vehicle down an embankment. The driver of the other carĀ sustained serious injuries, police said.

Common causes of truck accidents seen during inspection campaign

At the beginning of October, we wrote that truck accidents are not always caused by commercial truck drivers or the companies they work for. Other drivers are sometimes to blame. However, it is hard to ignore the fact that many truck drivers and trucking companies fail to comply with laws regulating hours of service and vehicle maintenance. Even when these legal violations are not the sole cause of an accident, they certainly make factor into the liability of the negligent party.

Earlier this summer, regulators conducted an "inspection blitz" referred to as Roadcheck 2015. According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, nearly 70,000 trucks and buses were inspected this year, including nearly 45,000 trucks that were subjected to what's called a Level-one inspection. The CVSA says that nearly a quarter of those trucks were taken out of service due to safety violations.

Drugged driving may be causing more fatal crashes than in the past

Impaired driving has been a problem since the early days of the automobile. Through increasingly strict laws and public awareness campaigns, rates of drunk driving deaths on U.S. roads have gone down over the past few decades. Unfortunately, the numbers are still too high.

By some estimates, drunk driving accidents kill about 10,000 people per year in the United States. And although drunk driving has been declining overall, drugged driving has been on the rise. Medical marijuana states like California may be especially susceptible to such accidents.

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